Extent is a communication consulting company based in Oslo.

Extent is a company whose values are predominantly driven by the needs of its customers.

As the leading organisations become increasingly more global, their communication needs are changing. Extent’s shape and structure is designed to meet these needs.

Clients are more demanding now than ever before and demand short term results. The future of communication consultancy will be in the hands of those companies relying on experienced and competent professionals providing customised programs and approaches to meet the emerging needs of today’s professional.


We partner with clients from both the public and private sectors and work together with them to provide customised communication solutions.

Our senior consultants provide strategic consulting services at the executive level.

Our team of coaches and trainers work with teams and individuals at various levels within client organisations.

Extent’s customised way of working ensures immediate results and impact to the client’s communicative approach, whilst establishing the foundation for lasting results.

Our goal is to enable our clients to become even more confident and in control when engaging in situational communication events.